I'm Deleting You From My Email List (Here's Why)



I just removed almost half of my email subscribers from my list today.  Here's why...

As a business owner, having an engaged list that knows, likes, and trusts you is critical to growing your business. Your list is one of your business' most precious money-making assets, providing you with a pool of people to serve.


When you provide valuable content to your list, they'll open more emails. They'll be ready and willing to buy your courses, join your memberships, and hire you for coaching and consulting. 


But if a large portion of your email list is not engaged (doesn't open your emails), it signals to email clients like Google, Yahoo!, and others that your email is not relevant.


Email clients like Google and Yahoo! want users to keep using their services, so to improve the user experience, they filter out emails they think users may not want to read (I wish my mailman would do this!).


Your Sender Score and Reputation

This filtering can even negatively affect your Sender reputation. Your Sender Reputation impacts the direct-to-inbox deliverability of emails to other people who have engaged in your past emails by opening, clicking, or responding to the content.


List Health: Improve Your Email Deliverability and Avoid the "Promotions" Tab...

Here's how you can improve your email sender score and get more of your emails in your recipient's primary inbox:

  • Write better subject lines (obvious, I know)
    If your subject lines are boring, unclear, or appear salesy, it doesn't matter how good your emails are because they won't get opened.

  • Ask for a direct reply to your initial welcome emails (especially the first one)
    • When your list responds to your first welcome/confirmation email in your automated responders or welcome email sequences, it tells their email client that the user values this content.

      The content should continue to land in their primary inbox.

  • Remove Inactive subscribers
    • This one is going to hurt a little. You put a lot of work (and possibly ad spend) into growing your list, so cutting out people who don't open your emails within the last 90 days is going to cut your list size dramatically.

      Do it anyway! Here's why:
    • It improves your open rates and sender reputation
    • It gives you better data when looking back at what does and doesn't entice users to click on your emails
    • If you measure conversion data, say for a launch, your data will be more accurate (and your conversion rates won't appear so abysmal, either)

While surgically cutting out so many people from your list can feel like "the Snap" that wiped out half of the Universe's population in the second-to-last Avengers movie, it's more like cutting out a tumor before it kills your business' sales potential.


By the way, having a Golden Lead Magnet to grow and nurture your email list in a way that keeps your subscribers coming back for more (instead of unsubscribing after they download your freebie) is one of the best ways to improve your sender score.

Learn how to create your Golden Lead Magnet in this free, 3-video series.

If your website offers a 'newsletter' or "tips and tricks" - no one wants "tips and tricks." No one is Googling " Where can I get (YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE) tips and tricks?"  

You need to offer a high-converting email list-building freebie that:

  • aligns with your paid offers and primes them to buy
  • leaves your subscribers chomping at the bit to get your next email
  • instantly establishes your know-like-trust factor with your audience

You're in luck: I have a free training to show you how. Get The Golden Lead Magnet quickstart guide to learn how.

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