My Secret Sauce For Better Conversions, Sales (and Sex?)

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Now that the world has flocked to the online business world, I'll bet you're facing a TON of competition.

  • You upload your latest tutorial to YouTube, only to find another YouTuber with the same topic, and start comparing yourself to them.

  • You launch a podcast and find that there are five other podcasts with titles that are similar to yours.

  • You create a course only to discover another coach has a course on the same topic.

How do you stand out from and eliminate the competition in a crowded niche? 

There are two key components to quickly setting yourself apart from the competition:

  1. Have an offer that clearly explains how you deliver tangible results
  2. Use messaging that shows how your offer is different


 That's why it's critical to have a Secret Sauce, Proprietary Process.

What's a Secret Sauce or Proprietary Process? 

It's a proprietary method, process, framework, system, roadmap, formula, etc. that explains or outlines, at glance, how your client will achieve a result.

In other words, it's a summary of the unique method you use to get clients and students from where they are to where they want to be.

The Benefits of Having a Secret Sauce, Proprietary Process:

  1. It's easier for your customer to grasp the benefits of your offer and how it gets results without getting bogged down by details.

    As I always say, "Clarity Sells, Confusion Repels."

  2. It elevates your brand and eliminates competitive comparisons - For example, there are thousands of financial gurus, but only Dave Ramsey has the "7 Baby Steps" method to help you get out of debt, save money, and build wealth.

  3. It raises your offer's perceived value, so you can raise prices.

    There's a huge difference between the perceived value of a "6-Week Post-Natal Fitness Coaching Package" and the "Baby Body Bounce-Back Package." The latter is tied to a clear desire of the ideal customer, and will likely sell easier, even at a higher price point because the customer is buying a result.

The Secret Sauce for getting "Better In Bed"

When Sex Coach, Sara Tang hired me to help her get her Better In Bed course off the ground, she had a real challenge.


She was teaching a sensitive, taboo subject to a sexually-repressed clientele whose culture sorely needed, but didn't know how to talk about, her services and training.


When Sarah talked me through the process she takes her clients through, it was already a solid system. All we had to do was distill it into a simple, repeatable formula that used language to remove the stigma of talking about sex.


We came up with the simple formula, Educate+Explore+Communicate=Enjoy


Using a Proprietary Secret Sauce Process to Outline and Sell a Digital Course

When Tanya Neufeld, a former Facebook employee, hired me for the third launch of her FB ads course, Clients Like Clockwork, she had yet to achieve hit or break $10,000 in launch sales.

She also had a hard time explaining and organizing the process her students go through to get to the desired outcome.

Here's her original framework (notice the use of confusing jargon and lack of clear outcomes):

I went through the course and gave her some outside perspective. As an expert, she needed to start thinking like a beginner and tune into the common mistakes and confusion her past students had.

We re-arranged the process and clarified it so potential customers could quickly understand how it would help them.

I drew a mock-up of a simple graphic for her process, which eventually became this:


As you can see, it's much easier to understand how Tanya's program delivers results and she finally had her first 5-figure launch.

Using a Secret Sauce Proprietary Process As An Elevator Pitch

Michelle Sobolchick-Pettinato had a different challenge in selling her music production and sound engineering course, "Listen." 

The sound engineers on her email list were out of work due to the COVID-related shutdown of the live music industry. It was unlikely that they would invest in advancing their stalled careers.

Instead, we started targeting professional songwriters who were still making money licensing their songs on film, TV, and video games.

Yet this new audience would be unfamiliar with many of the technical and scientific terms and methods behind sound engineering. 

When she explained her process for making "professional sounding recordings" taught in "Listen!" I had a flash of inspiration: "The H.I.T. Production Process."

Now she can some up the benefit and process in a few short words: "To make recordings sound as good the hit songs on the radio, I teach you how to Hear, Identify, and Tweak frequencies like the pros."

Then I sent her this graphic for her sales page:



As of this writing, Michelle has gone from her first DIY launch, (resulting in a mere $1,000), to multiple five-figure launches. 






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