The Unexpected Side-Effects of a 6-Figure Online Business


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When my client first hired me, she had a whopping 35 email subscribers, a digital course, and a dream.

Like many course creators I encounter, she had a great product but lacked the key ingredients to successfully launch a course:

  1. A lead funnel through which to sell her course
  2. An audience to bring through that funnel

Without traffic and the means to get that traffic, her tiny list was never going to help her realize her dreams of paying off debt, moving to a waterfront property in California, and helping thousands of musicians with her online course.

She decided to make a big change...

She hired me to help her put together Sales Funnels.

We tweaked opt-in and email nurture sequence copy, set it up in Kajabi, and over the course of a weekend, she was ready to launch.

As she promoted her free video series and shared it with an affiliate launch partner. I watched her list grow from 35 to 1,000 subscribers during her 2-week launch, and net over $14,000 in course sales.

She was so happy with her results, she re-hired me for a 12-week lunch consulting package. Her relaunch resulted in $53,000 in sales (which she doubled on her third and fourth launches).

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Sure $14K, $53K, even the nearly $300K in sales she experienced would be nice to have, but here are the unexpected surprises that come from launching a profitable online business.

1. She no longer needs to do the work she taught in her course

She had what I call a "quality problem." She was at crossroads where she could decide to continue working as a musician or focus solely on earning a living by teaching others.

This allowed her to only take on music projects that she enjoyed, with people she liked working... if she wanted to AND build a profitable business teaching others to do the same. 

2. Experts now look to her as the expert

Now she frequently gets invited to be a guest expert in virtual summits, conferences, and panels where she is recognized as a go-to authority in her industry.

3. She doesn't have to do it all by herself anymore

She was able to hire remote assistants to help run her business instead of burning out and trying to do everything herself all the time.

4. She is changing other people's lives

Her students reach out to let her know how deeply her course has impacted their life and their pursuit of their dreams. This is why we do what we do.

I started my online business on YouTube making songwriting tutorials and an ebook on lyric writing. I have a deep sense of pride in knowing that I have a ripple effect on musicians through her success.


If your website offers a 'newsletter' or "tips and tricks" - no one wants "tips and tricks." No one is Googling " Where can I get (YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE) tips and tricks?"  

You need to offer a high-converting email list-building freebie that:

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  • leaves your subscribers chomping at the bit to get your next email
  • instantly establishes your know-like-trust factor with your audience

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