These Design Mistakes Are Killing Your Sales and Conversions


Creating a website that clearly communicates who you are, what you do and who you serve (and how) is CRITICAL to attracting your ideal client and getting them to take the next step with you.

Yet so many entrepreneurs put time, money, and effort into creating a site that "looks good" but drives away the very people they want to serve.

And this isn't just something I see with beginners, either.

Digital Marketing expert and blogger Jenna Kutcher's website is the perfect example of what NOT to do.  

Although her page looks "cool," if she didn't have her level of fame, her page wouldn't perform as well for several MASSIVE reasons...

  • It's UNCLEAR

If you don't have the size of following she does, you can't afford to makes these same types of mistakes.

In this video, I do a tear-down of the web design and copywriting elements of her page that you need to avoid, and how you can fix these errors on your own site.

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If your website offers a 'newsletter' or "tips and tricks" - no one wants "tips and tricks." No one is Googling " Where can I get (YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE) tips and tricks?"  

You need to offer a high-converting email list-building freebie that:

  • aligns with your paid offers and primes them to buy
  • leaves your subscribers chomping at the bit to get your next email
  • instantly establishes your know-like-trust factor with your audience

You're in luck: I have a free training to show you how. Get The Golden Lead Magnet quickstart guide to learn how.

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