FIX THIS NOW for more opt-ins and email subscribers


Here comes the tough love:

No matter how smooth your automated Dubsado client-onboarding is, how engaged your private Facebook community is, or how slick your new digital course looks on Kajabi...

If your landing page and opt-in form copy doesn't:

  1. Attract the right people (and weed out the wrong ones)
  2. Entice them to keep reading and take action
  3. Clearly explain the specific benefits and outcomes from having your offer...

the people won't subscribe, if they don't subscribe, they won't fall in love with you and you're history.

It's like you're Marty Mcfly, stuck in 1955, trying to persuade the band to play the highschool dance so your parents will fall in love, and you can get "Back to The Future."


Your lead page is your song and If the song doesn't get the kids to dance...


You're history.

In other words, you don't build a community of subscribers that fall in love with your life-transforming community, coaching services, and online programs, you don't make that paper, and you don't get that kitchen makeover you pinned to your vision board. 

SO...Here's a quick way to tell if you're losing people at the top of your funnel:

Does your freebie include the words, "tips" "tricks," or (worse yet) "newsletter?"


It's gonna be ok, we've all done it. Most of my clients have too.


In fact, it's one of the first things I fix when I work with clients on launching their courses.  


In this video, I'll show you how to increase your opt-ins and email subscribers with some simple copy and design tweaks. 


These are the exact steps I used to fix my client Mikey Meiers's underperforming landing pages when I coached him through his first 5-figure digital course launch (and the launch of his thriving membership site).

  1. HOOK them in with your headline

    Your most valuable copy is your headline. It should present a promise or opportunity. If you type anything else in this spot, you're wasting valuable copy real estate. Save the lesser copy, like "download the free guide," in the subheader or body copy.

  2. SHOW them who your lead magnet is made for

    While you could literally call out to them (i.e. "hey moms and dads" or "Is your law degree collecting dust?"), the simplest way to attract your ideal customer is to use imagery that resonates or looks like your client avatar.

  3. TELL them what's in it for them if they subscribe to your emails

    No more "tips and tricks" or "free newsletter." They aren't interested in hearing the latest news. They want SPECIFIC solutions to their SPECIFIC problems.

    Your audience needs to know the types of outcomes and opportunities they can pursue once you've solved their problem with your free offer.

  4. MIMIC their words in your bullet points and sales copy

    If you use the same type of language that your ideal client or customer uses to articulate their pain points, they will feel like you're reading their mind. They will think, "wow, if you can clearly describe my exact problem, you MUST have the solution."

By the way, did you get your FREE GIFT yet? It's the perfect freebie lead magnet to pair with your new and improved opt-in page.

If your website offers a 'newsletter' or "tips and tricks" - no one wants "tips and tricks." No one is Googling " Where can I get (YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE) tips and tricks?"  

You need to offer a high-converting email list-building freebie that:

  • aligns with your paid offers and primes them to buy
  • leaves your subscribers chomping at the bit to get your next email
  • instantly establishes your know-like-trust factor with your audience

You're in luck: I have a free training to show you how. Get The Golden Lead Magnet quickstart guide to learn how.

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