Eliminate the guesswork of filming an online course

Quickly and easily set up your lights, camera (or phone/laptop), mic, and video recording space for a professional look on any budget.

This free (and EASY to implement) guide will:

  • Eliminate on-camera awkwardness
  • Help you look, sound, and feel pro on any budget
  • Kickstart your course creation

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Look, Sound, and Feel Like a PRO...

I'll show you how frame, light, and mic your videos to create professional-looking course, no matter what gear you use.

I also share my gear and setup recommendations.


Take the fear out of hitting record


I share all my best secrets for filming online courses. You can put them into practice immediately!

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Hey there! I'm Glenn Allen...

Course Creation Coach, host of The Glenn Allen Show, and creator of Map It - Make It - Profit, a stress-free system to help you FINISH and Launch a profitable digital course that your customers will LOVE. 

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