I provide a MAGNETIC CONTENT STRATEGY, A TAILORED LAUNCH PLAN, and UNRIVALED SUPPORT so you can enjoy bigger sales with confidence and clarity.



Hi, I'm Glenn Allen, your "Go-To-CMO" and Launch Strategist...

I help business owners and their teams strategically market and launch a profitable digital course

...without dropping the ball on their clients, customers, or content calendars.

WHY I'm Different :

I am not a 1-trick pony or a social media tactic-hacker. Courses are what I'm known for, yet...

I have years of corporate and freelance experience with:

  • Kajabi course development
  • YouTube SEO and Video Marketing
  • Blogging and Copywriting
  • Email list-building & sales funnel automation
  • Web development and sales/landing page design optimization
  • Graphic design and branding
  • Authority building and PR

In other words:

I can help you leverage a wide range of marketing & sales psychology strategies that stand the test of time on any platform.

Benefits of Working With Me:

Clarity Icon


Get out of analysis paralysis, overthinking, confusion, and overwhelm.

Feel a sense of relief and confidence that you know what to do (and WHAT NOT TO DO) next.

Reduced Stress

I make the complex seem simple. I've done this before, and I'm in your corner.

You'll avoid the little (and big) mistakes that lead to poor sales, upset students, and refund requests.

Custom-Tailored Strategy

There's no one-size-fits-all launch strategy. I'll share universal tactics and strategies to use at every level, from pre to post-launch.

I'll share all my best digital launch sales secrets.


Amanda Horvath

Amanda monetized her YouTube channel with a $16K launch (and a $32K relaunch)

Video marketing expert, Amanda Horvath, hired me to help her overcome the overwhelm and confusion of promoting and launching her DIY Video Roadmap course to her YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers.

With her first launch done, she was armed with greater insight about who her customers are and what they desire, as well as a collection of student success stories. This enabled her to hit her goal of doubling her sales on her relaunch.

Michelle overcame a COVID-related career loss with a $17,000 launch...


by using her expertise to serve an entirely new audience.


After her tour with world-reknowned songwriter, Elvis Costello was cut short due to the pandemic, Michelle created a program that helps other musicians (and herself) earn a living with their music despite the shutdown of the concert industry.  

She continues to relaunch her course and is an in-demand guest expert on podcasts, media articles, and blogs.

You're here to turn your expertise into a sales generating cash machine so you can help more people in this world...

You're not going to get there by downloading more freebies and taking drawn out courses.




What My Clients Say About Me...


Mike Meiers, Songwriting For Guitar

"When you're looking at [launching] a course...and you're stuck, Glenn is going to walk you step-by-step.

Whether that's tightening up your copy, the aesthetic of your brand... asking the questions that you forget to ask yourself...

Having that person look into the wider view of your business has been insanely helpful and it has been the best investment i made for myself."


Amanda Horvath, DIY Video Roadmap. 

"When I first [wanted to launch] this course, I kept delaying it, because there was SO MUCH that I didn't know when it came to course launches.

He can, firsthand, understand the emotions that you're going through, the overhwelm that you're experiencing, he knows what's around that corner and can you warn you about it ahead of time.

Having him by my side through the launch process made me a lot more calm, a lot more collected.

The launch went exceeding well. I ended up exceeding my expectations."



Michelle Sabolchick-Pettinato, Sound Engineer for Janet Jackson, Adam Lambert, Styx, Gwen Stefani, and more.

Her first launch by herself resulted in a mere $1K. 

Working together, she reached over $17,000 in sales on her relaunch. 

She has since relaunched her course, enabling her to replace her lost income due to the COVID-related shut down the live concert industry. 

"I was drowning in details, spending too much time focusing on things that weren't getting me results.

With his background in course creation, marketing, and design and course launches...I had no experience with any of that.

The first thing he had me do was a pivot to a... much more lucrative audience.

He helped me clarify my teaching method (The H.I.T. Production Process), which has helped me in all of my promotion of my course.


He also suggested a few changes to my product that really increased its value.


All of this resulted in me having a very successful 5-figure launch.

He worked with me every step of the way without being a bully or overbearing." 


Kris Bradley, Owner of Produce Like A Boss

Kris first approached me to help her set up her GOLDEN LEAD MAGNET and sales funnels, which resulted in growing her list from 35 to 1,000 subscribers in one week of her $14,000 launch.

We then up-leveled her branding, lead funnels, copy, and sales pages before relaunching her course to the tune of $53,000

(and catapulting her new business into a six-figure sales year). 


"Big shout out to Glenn Allen, thank you so much for being an amazing coach and helping me navigate these waters as a new digital online entrepreneur...

Glenn has been monumental in helping me understand digital online marketing...

anything from the tech side to...  [writing copy], to creating my sites on Kajabi."



It's time to launch that course you've been sleeping on..

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